Fires of Prometheus

Canal Camps 2015

I help, a little, to restore the Stover Canal

Canal camp volunteers
Stover Canal 2016 volunteers.

Once again I was asked if I'd step in and lead a potentially rudderless canal camp, this time with Ben Thompson as my Assistant.

This was new and, for me, exciting territory, a dry waterway in deepest rural Devon, with lots of associated industrial archaeology. We were based at Ventiford Basin, the canal's terminus, where it met the Haytor Granite Tramroad. We worked both in and around the basin, cleaning, resetting and pointing masonry (which had originally been simply bedded in clay), as well as pulling a strange mix of rubbish from the pit that had surrounded the base of a wooden crane. We also carried out a little excavation around the tracks of the tramroad, a first for me.


Canal Camps Introduction