Fires of Prometheus


The Urn

three men and a boy stand on a lawn, beside a large urn


Three generations (?) stand on a lawn beside an urn. In the background, a high stone wall, against which plants have been trained. There is a feature constructed from a rough type of stone, perhaps a kind of tufa, behind the pedestral of the urn. More of the same stone can be seen in the lower right corner. A smalll heap of twigs lies to the left foreground.

This is a much later photograph than the others in my collection. The bearded man's flared jeans and collarless shirt suggest the 1960s. The boy's shirt is odd. It almost appears to be sheer, showing his vest underneath.

There is a marked difference between the dark-haired, dark-skinned boy and the blond man standing beside him. In fact all four are very different, and I'm probably wrong in assuming that they are related. To me they don't appear to be British, but the mixture of types makes identification difficult.