Fires of Prometheus



a mother holds a baby in her arms


This is surely a rural scene, with a mother and her two children standing outside a stone-walled cottage. The window is edged with brick. Inside are nicely-edged net curtains. But the window is old: at least one of the rails is broken, and a second seems to have been repaired. Perhaps the upper left pane of glass is broken. The hefty shutters are simply constructed, both hanging slightly crockedly, with two pieces of (?) paper blocking holes that let in draughts. There are nettles (and brambles?) growing at the foot of the wall, but something trained up it.

Both children are smartly dressed, as is their mother, who appears to be wearing clogs. There is something familiar about her waist band. The boy, his hair neatly combed and parted, is again wearing shorts that button to his jacket (there must be a name for these garments...are they"rompers"). Perhaps this is an important occasion?

Date? 1930s?