What this site is all about
Areas of historical archaeology that interest me
What I'm all about
A ceramic assemblage from my allotment
An examination of tiny sherds of decorated pottery found while cultivating a vegetable garden in Nottingham
Industrial archaeology album 1
A randomish introduction to some industrial archaeology that caught my eye
Industrial archaeology album 2
More random photographs of the industrial past
Snailbeach lead mine
A miraculous survival in Shropshire
Rusty Rails
Musings on railway archaeology
La Union
An industrial landscape in Spain
The Ripley branch
Amongst what was once a busy industrial landscape, an abandoned line decays
The High Peak Trail
A cycle ride along a Peak District railway
The Tissington Trail
A cycle ride along a transformed historic railway
Exploring an industrial landscape
Llanberis Slate
We visit Welsh slate mines
Canal Camp 2008
I helped to restore the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
Canal Camp 2009
I helped (again) to restore the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
Industrial archaeology of British Columbia (In preparation)
A brief introduction to the archaeology of my adopted homeland
Faded Paint
"Ghost signs," painted on brick
Two At Large
My personal web site
Ralph Mills
My professional web pages
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