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  • Day 1: Clearing vegetation width:750;;height:1000
  • There's some archaeology in here somewhere! width:1862;;height:1000
  • Looking a lot tidier width:1463;;height:1000
  • Now we can get on with the archaeology width:1355;;height:1000
  • Following the pathwar southwards width:1126;;height:1000
  • Looking good width:1536;;height:1000
  • A tour of the canal width:750;;height:1000
  • Sorting the south west corner of the cottage width:1370;;height:1000
  • Working on the east wall width:1975;;height:1000
  • Dave showing how lime mortar is mixed width:1180;;height:1000
  • The trench 1 team width:1156;;height:1000
  • The trench 2 team width:1365;;height:1000
  • The concrete cube is no match for the DoE volunteers! width:1305;;height:1000
  • Chamfering begins... width:1975;;height:1000
  • The week 1 team width:1913;;height:1000
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